A fine portrait

476986_62199c77c46d46eebfbda2d86f77a0d3Looking at the faces of our children is one of the most rewarding things in life; seeing them on a portrait painted by a fine artist, is pure joy!

When the The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists – CSOPA – and the Greenwich Arts Council selected my daughter’s Chiara’s portrait by painter Candance Taubner, as part of their exhibition Faces of Winter 2008, I felt very proud. The portrait was selected by an independent jury from hundred of entries and they carefully picked a total of 57 portraits representing some of the most talented artists in Connecticut and New York.

Candance Taubner (photo), is known for an outstanding ability to reveal the essence of her subjects. She says that ‘the face is a universe unto itself – ever changing, surprising, mysterious and compelling. I seek to discover and reveal the essence of my subjects, no matter what age they are. It never fails that I find unique beauty in each person, and I delight in revealing it to them and to the world’.
Her portrait of my daughter is a proof that she achieved her goal, once more.
                                                                                                                      New York, March, 2009

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